Baking Buddies Pins


SemiSweet, invited me to design some gift options that cater to the cookie community and bakers, alike. I was delighted to create a fun set of friendly characters from the four main ingredients for baking cookies — Sugar, Flour, Butter, Eggs.


  • Designer
  • Illustrator


  • Merchandise Design
  • Packaging Design
OUI Mascot

Sketching Ideas

The first step was to brainstorm different ideas in my sketchbook. I kept it loose while drawing with a ball point pen. This helps me to not worry about final lines, and mainly focus on capturing whatever things that came to my mind. At this stage, I was exploring different body positioning, perspectives, and facial placements.

Initial Sketches

Refined Sketches

After iterating through the sketches, we wanted the pins to visually belong to the same “family” or set. To do this, I settled on a top down, three-quarter view for each pin’s position. I also made sure each pin had similar “pie-slice” eye style. Maintaining this consistency helped tie the pins together.

Eggs sketch
Sugar sketch
Flour sketch
Butter sketch
Flour sack sketch
Flour sack sketch

Final Vector

The finished pins are outlined in polished black nickel and colored with soft pastel colors.

Final Vector

To complement the lapel pins, I designed the front and back card backing that would be attached to each pin. I added a retro-style kitchen theme in the artwork, while keeping the colors on the cards similar to the colors used on the pins.

Front and back card designs
Pins and Cards
Front and Back Cards
Pins on cork

That’s It!

Thanks for looking. You can purchase these lapel pins on, or you can check out more of my projects below.