Chariot Trade Show Booth Design


Chariot is a transportation company that provides commuting services around the world. I was tasked to design their first trade show booth for an upcoming transportation conference. The goal was to design the booth’s wall panels with illustrations giving insight into Chariot's product and services.


  • Designer
  • Illustrator


  • Environmental Display
  • Brand Illustration

The Challenge

This booth design needed to account for the 10x10ft space with a wall-mounted 70” monitor on the back panel. The marketing team requested to have Chariot's story be represented through illustration. No photography or tag lines were to be used.

Chariot Booth Frame

The Audience

Who are we talking to?

  • Depending on the show, we are talking to commuters, B2B, and Government
  • Design should be general enough to work with all audiences

What are they looking for?

  • They are seeking information on what we are and how we operate vs. signing a deal on the spot

Do most people know what Chariot is?

  • No, people don't know about the service and that you need a mobile app to use it

Concept Sketch

My concept was to tell the product’s story through different scenes that showcase how people use the product. It was also important to show that Chariot’s service consists of both a mobile app and physical vehicles.

Chariot Booth Sketch
The side panels show scenes of the people booking a ride with the app, while the center panel focuses on popular destinations of Chariot’s services: big cities, government, and universities. I wanted to connect these scenes with thin lines representing map routes.

Style and Color

When deciding on the look and feel of the booth, I choose to extend the same style and shape language used currently in the mobile app and website—solid shapes, line, and dot patterns.

As far as the color palette, I wanted to keep things simple and limit the palette to only the main brand colors used in current marketing collateral.

Chariot Color Palette

Final Design

Chariot Trade Booth Design
Chariot Trade Booth Design
Chariot Trade Booth Design
Chariot Trade Booth Design
Chariot Trade Booth Design
Chariot Trade Booth Design

Final Mockup

Chariot Trade Booth Design


Chariot’s booth design was distinguishably different than the other companies at the trade show. Mostly, other booths focused on dark, color schemes while, Chariot’s booth was bright, informative and very inviting. The lead generation from this event also exceeded our team’s expectations.