Real Estate Process Illustrations


Elenna Tamplin is a real estate agent in Tampa, Florida. To help current and potential clients better understand the home buying and selling process, Elenna needed a way to visually communicate each step of the experience. The goal was to create an illustrated guide that made the real estate process easier to understand and align expectations for all parties.


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Real Estate Process Illustrations
Real Estate Closing Sold
Real Estate Illustrations

Home Buyers and Sellers Experience

Illustrations were requested to visually represent the major milestones of the home-buying and selling experience. My first step to determine the key illustrations needed was sit down with Elenna and have her explain the processes to me. Once I believed I had full understanding of the processes, I later distilled each step into a concept was both simple and relatable. I wanted to make sure each visual could connect with all customers. A detailed, comprehensive visual of the process builds trusts before a conversation starts.

Real Estate Home Inspection
Real Estate Illustrations
Real Estate Illustrations


Since publishing the Home-Buying and Selling process pages on her website, Elenna received many positive comments from past, current, and new clients. Additionally, after sharing these pages on social media, Elenna witnessed an increase in contact inquiries from the website as well as gaining more followers on various social media platforms. Overall, the addition of the new illustrated pages was a beneficial experience for both Elenna and her clients.