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Looker is a data company that needed a responsive marketing events page for their upcoming workshops and conferences. They reached out to me to design a single landing page that displayed all the details for each event and also provided an easy way for visitors to sign up. This project gave me the opportunity to create a new visual style that looks great on desktops and phones.

Wireframes and planning

I first met with marketing team to go over goals and content for this project. Once content inventory was established, I created grayscale wireframes of the layout to make sure flow and hierarchy met the expectations of the content team. This landing page was intended to be repurposed for multiple events, so I had to account for all content sections.

Wireframes of content

From Desktop to Mobile

After getting approval on the wireframes, I began creating the design for this responsive page. It was important to simplify the main navigation to allow users to easily ingest the content and sign-up. My solution was to use anchor tags in the top menu that quickly scrolled the user down to the relevant content on the page.

Full landing page


Looker’s marketing team needed me to design two schedule layouts for this landing page. The first one, shown below, was designed for events that had speaker profile photos readily available. The photo of the speaker is displayed next to the related content time block.

Schedules with icons

The second schedule design, below, is a text-only alternative. This layout would be used when photos or icons are not currently available for that particular event.

Schedule with text only

Sign Up Form

The top CTA button, located above the “fold”, advanced the user down to the sign-up form. This experience allowed the first and bottom sections of the page to act as "book-ends" to the main content.

Bottom forms for desktop and mobile