PagerDuty Service Icons


PagerDuty is a technology company that helps IT organizations automate software alerts into fast actionable solutions. I worked on creating iconography and illustrations to show how their services organize messy alerts from the internet.


  • Designer
  • Illustrator


  • Icon Set
  • How It Works Illustration
PagerDuty Icons

Chaotic Mess

PagerDuty needed a visual representation of “before” and “after” signing up for their services. These illustrations would be used in a pitch deck where the sales team would introduce the product to potential clients.

The image below, illustrates how big online companies use different third-party services for their businesses to fully operate. And if any of those services go offline, it can often times be messy to find and contact the right person to resolve the problem.

PagerDuty How-It-Works

Organized All Alerts

Alerts are all organized as they pass through PagerDuty’s platform. Then instantly, the correct teams gets alerted and the scheduled person on “duty” will get notified to resolve the problem.

PagerDuty How-It-Works